Show #6: The New Era

The show has taken on a new turn. We’ve change the format of the show, which means that we’ll be able to come to you at more regular intervals! EJ is now recording all audio, we’re streaming video via and our turnaround has cut from 5 months to about 2 days. Hope you enjoy it.

Well, what have we been up to for the past 4 months? EJ’s been playing with 2 bands, Chris has been knee-deep in copier guts and toner, and Willie has been moving to a new house. Dave is MIA laying hard-wood floors and planning his woman’s birthday party.

What are our new habits? Well, EJ has introduced Chris to TWiT, that has panelists that talk about Twitter EVERY SHOW! Anyway, EJ and Chris are now new Twitter-ers-ers-ers… or something. Willie is still resisting the allure. HANG ON WILLIE!!!

Twitter! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely noth… well, we’re not quite sure yet.

Next! Rush Limbaugh strikes again! Rush sends drones to vote to keep Hillary in the race vs. Obama causing confusion among the Democrats. Dubbed “Operation Chaos”, this story is actually true! This leads us into a boring political discussion. Just shut up, listen, and vote for me for President!

Next! Sports… well, sorta. Not much going on in sports - HS playoffs, college baseball (regular season), NBA playoffs. Will the NBA survive in OKC. EJ seems to think so. “Everyone says that OU football is the professional sport around here. Screw that. Screw OU.” “Yeah, screw OU.”

Also, crazy story about a New Orleans/OKC Hornets cheerleader about to bust out her windshield.

Next! Movies - No Country For Old Men = the anti-chick flick. A tasteful smattering of Coen brothers’ blood. Or something like that.

Next! Sponsors - Barack Obama,, ooVoo, and the word of the ‘cast: “Mac-ish.”

And people like you. Thank you for listening.

Outro: “Remember You” by Hollow.


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