Celebrity Look-Alike

Well, this is my good-bye post to my beard. He had survived 4 1/2 months, 2 trims, and multiple close shaves (around the edges, that is). He was good to me. Kept my whole face from being burned at the OSU/Baylor game, kept my face warm while shoveling snow off of the driveway, and may have kept us from winning 1st place at the 3rd Place Halloween costume party (we did get 3rd though… 3rd place @ the 3rd Place).

Hello, I’m a Mac
And I’m a PC

Fortunately for you, I’ve documented his death and the transformation my face went through during the slow, painful process. He gave his life for the cause of others… that I may look like others. Namely Paul Teutul Sr. from American Choppers and David Arquette from Scream. So, here you go:

Squirrelly guy from Scream
I would like to thank you in this difficult time. I’ll be in mourning until I can get every last hair cleaned off my sink.


Jen and I have been very busy lately.  What have we been doing?  Glad you asked:

Trinity has been growing like crazy.  She’s been walking around for about 2 months now.  We’ve had to take everything off of the coffee table (we actually took the whole table out for a while) and have been having to close the doors to the office (too much expensive stuff).  She loves it outside.  She got a swing for Easter from Mama Lana and Papa John and Trinity just chills there while she’s swinging.  She’s sleeping better throughout the night and is almost weened.  That means I’ve been getting up with her in the middle of the night.  It’s frustrating when I’m doing it, but I kind of like it.  Just some alone time with Daddy.

We’re actually in Elk City right now and she’s having a hard time b/c of the new location.  She has a pin that we put her in here and Jen or I will lay down beside the pin and she’ll fall asleep, usually trying to get as close as possible to us.

Jen has really been stepping into the Kid’s Ministry @ UWC.  Now that there is formal leadership established, she is formally recognized as the “children’s pastor” (they are actually doing a couple thing, so “we’re” recognized, but she’s really all the brains behind the WHOLE thing.  I just follow orders).  She’s been doing a great job and she’s about to take the kids into a “Summer of Love” with Romans and Corinthians.  She’s also planning stuff to do with the kids for the summer so our kids can be doers and not just sayers.

As for me, we’re still waiting on OSU to get back with us.  Last we heard, people were all being territorial and afraid of losing power.  However, we have the backing of IT and Purchasing, so this thing will still happen, it’s just a matter of how.

I’m helping Willie out with the UWC website.  Eventually, I’ll be in charge of all of Udub’s online content.  Not a real glamourous job, but I feel like I’m helping out.  By the way, Congratulations Willie!!!  Willie finally graduated after 27 years in school. :P

My friend, Trey, from high school got married in CO last month.  I was unable to attend, but had a reception tonight in EC (which is why we’re here.  We gave up seeing President Bush speak at OSU, and more importantly, Willie graduating!).  Very nice wife.  They will be moving to Enid in September for 6 months while he gets some sort of flight training.

What is this?  A small town newspaper?  Arright - enough with the updates.  Check out our new feature “sideblog.”  It’s right under the search box on the right.  Good for quick, random thoughts.

R.I.P. Francis Elois Armstrong

Fran, Janet, Jen, And Trinity Armstrong

Francis E. Armstrong of Edmond, went to be with her Lord early Sat. morning. She was born Jan. 30, 1932 in Logansport, LA. To David and Orleanor Bland. Fran has lived in the Edmond area for more than 30 years and was an active member of the 1st Southern Baptist Church of Arcadia. She loved being the chairman of the fellowship committee and has cooked many dinners for her church including Thanksgiving and for Vacation Bible School. She is survived by her husband, Emmitt; sons, Ron Willis and wife Teresa, and Terry Armstrong and wife Janet; daughter Yuvonne Strawser and husband Bob; 10 grandchildren; sister, Susan Sibly and husband J.B.; 4 sisters-in-law and many many friends. She will be truly missed.

We love you and miss you Grandma. I know you’re in a better place and you’re much better off than the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t miss you. Enjoy your time in God’s arms, because we’ll want to see you when we get there.