Show #12: Now in HD!

Welp, we’re still alive and back with our yearly show.

If you haven’t heard, we’ve upgraded our equipment to bring you this podcast in stunning HD.

We say that we’re going to get this out because we’re lean and mean and just the two of us.  Dave is trying to get elected and Willie is, well…, not here.


  • Current college football
  • The Apple announcement
  • Lost - sort of.

First off - some college football.  Basically we diss on the OU “Shouldn’t It Be UO” Sooners because they somehow pay off manage to get ranked #1 in the initial BCS poll.  Apparently the computers like the Sooners while humans prefer Ducks.  And ducks.  Because, really, who likes cheaters

We try to figure out the BCS computer rankings.

Past Rankings x Present Rankings / Future Rankings + pi (not the dessert) + the historical rankings of the school x the amount of money the school could make the NCAA= Strength of Schedule

Done.  Boom.

Now to OState.  We throw around a bunch of stats that make us sound competent.  EJ then goes on to prove to Chris several of his points - how Holgerson was actually the OC at Houston; how the Cowboys are more pass efficient and throw down the field better than Hawaii and Houston; while OSU has had some great athletes at QB, they’ve never really had a pure passer that could pinpoint the ball until Weeden; and how Bobby Reid makes us sad.

Moving on from college football to college football babies - we give Lane Kiffin entirely too much airtime - as any is too much.

Now, This Week in Cowboy Football!

Welcome to America’s Largest Homecoming Celebration: OSU takes on Nebraska for probably the last time in the regular season.  We again throw around all kinds of stats to try and prove that the Cowboys will win the game without taking the field.


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Show 9: Hey, You’re Plurking My Tweets!

blue room

Contest:  I’m going to give something away to the first person who can identify the Seinfeld reference in the show.  No guarantees on the prize and you must leave a comment telling me what the reference was.

LIve and direct from The Blue Room in Edmond, OK, Chris and EJ, and later Dave, are all in studio.  Speaking of the Blue Room, it’s actually a blues club in Kansas City.  We couldn’t find a link to the actual picture EJ has, but this is close enough.

“I thought he was going to punch her in the face!”

The Fist-Bump Heard Arond the World. Right up there with “The Butt-Slap Heard Around the World” or “The Boobie Grab That Sank 1,000 Ships.”  Obama breaks new ground in congratulatory celebrations.  Republicans are already calling it a “terrorist jab.”

FYI – There was a storm raging whilst we were recording.

“You might get shot.  I might shoot you.  You’ll go down $50 richer, but you might die.”

Hypermiling – the practice of being the biggest cheapskate you can on gas, while simultaneously causing major damage to your engine, brakes, tires, transmission, muffler, and radio and pissing off everyone within a 2 mile radius of your car.

Here’s the ultimate hypermiler Wayne Gerdes.  Also known as Wayne “Get Outta My Way, I’ll Run Over You Before I Buy Gas” Gerdes.

Here’s Dave.  Although you won’t hear him for a little while because he’s not all about getting “all up on the mic.” sales figures.  *updated to June 2008.

“I encourage people with a heart to serve to step up and take the plunge.”

In this segment, we catch Dave up on all the things we’ve already talked about.  Enjoy hearing it again.

“Nothing can kill the iPod unless it’s mine.”

iPod iPhone 2.0, EJ’s iPod, Chris is using a Mac (oh the apple-manity), and, who could’ve guessed, random topics.

“Act like the mic is the women voters and get all up in it.

American student James Buck used Twitter to bail himself out of an Egyptian jail.  Talk about your ultimate bail bond.

Unfortunately, we get off on the topic of whether it’s actually possible to “tweet” while being arrested by Egyptians.  Here’s EJ’s very scientific experiment.

Back on topic, Mr. Buck tries to free his translator.

Again, too bad we get back onto Twitter.  We so perceptively point out that it could be nicely used by cult leaders.

“Don’t Tweet Me Bro!”

Speaking of tasing, that’s what she said.  The LG Vu is 3” long, er..has a 3” screen.  It’s reached that awkward stage where it wants to ask out the girl, but the quarterback of the football team iPhone, is flirting with her by her locker, even though he doesn’t really like her like the Vu does.

In the background is Google, trying to take over the world.  “What are we going to do tonight, Google?”  “Same thing we do every night.  Try to take over the world.”

“Google’s starting to show some of their cracks”

“Aren’t there, like, anti-trust laws.”

EJ and Chris carry on a Twitter conversion whilst podcasting.  Oh how connected we are.

“I always TiVo Lost on my Cox DVR, blow my nose in a Kleenex made by Puffs Plus, and drink a Coke called Dr. Pepper.”

“I recently took my Facebook off.”

“You have 2 options, ‘Men,’ ‘Women,’ or blank.”

“George Bush created Facebook.”

“I’m about to put my nerd hat back on.”

Our Lost discussion gets into the season finale.  First, what happened to Locke?  How did he die?  Will the island bring him back to life?  What’s up with Ben getting back to the island?  Are Saywer and Juliet Adam and Eve?  Why were the graphics so cheesy to Dave?  Will Al Gore blame global warming on why the ocean’s went lower, in reality, it’s the island moving in space/time?  Will Charles Widmore have enough money to hang out in the ocean until the island shows back up?  Will Joey from “Blossom” be on our next show when we discuss “Lost”?


“That’s about it.”


  • Long, awkward pauses.
  • Root beer that tastes like plastic/lake water.
  • The anti-Twitter.
  • Alternate forms of Affection.  “It’s New Age.”

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